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Introducing OnCulture!


We have been in stealth mode for some time, building a first-of-its-kind People and Culture solution in Africa! - OnCulture!

What is OnCulture?

OnCulture is a SaaS* tool that drives cultures of performance and synergy through learning and process automation. It is an end-to-end employee engagement, learning, and connection platform that;

  • Gets companies’ cultures right

  • Sustains companies' cultures.

Our secret sauce is our automated templates and tools and data-driven insights that ensure culture positively impacts retention.

What problem does OnCulture solve?

Problems at work relating to:

  • Engagement

  • Connection

  • Onboarding

  • Productivity

  • New Leadership

  • Workplace Misconduct

In subsequent letters, we will share examples of these problems and how OnCulture solves them.

Why OnCulture?

  1. Changing Work Models: Remote and distributed work have heightened the need for better synergy and aligned performance at work.

  2. Focus on workplace culture: There has been a huge awareness in recent years on workplace culture and the repercussions of a toxic workplace. Employee well-being and mental health are also key, leading companies to proactively look for ways to improve their culture.

  3. Impact on Growth and Profitability: Companies' have had their growth impacted by problems of engagement, leadership behavioural deficits, and workplace misconduct.

  4. Automation and Efficiency: As companies look for ways to streamline their operations, process automation is crucial to being efficient.


OnCulture targets the six workplace problems through:

  1. Learning:

  • Helping teams learn to create and sustain the right work culture and environment through our interactive learning platforms - Driving Culture at work and Preventing Harassment at work.

  1. Process Automation:

  • Automating processes that drive productivity, engagement, motivation, and leadership through scheduled templates and tools.

  1. Repository for Leaders:

  • Providing a database with Culture and Leadership resources, tools and checklists for managers.

Who is OnCulture for? (look out for examples in future letters)

  • Founders/CEOs

  • People (HR) Managers

  • Team Leads/Managers

  • Employees

  • Investors for their portfolio companies.

By empowering companies and leaders in Africa to build a better work culture, we help them minimise operational disruptions, reduce reputational damage and unlock their full potential.

To learn more about OnCulture, check out:

Join our waitlist here:

Here's to creating happier, more connected and more productive companies.



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