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Overcoming 'New Leader Syndrome'.

Samantha, an exceptional Product Designer, was recently promoted to lead her team at work. Moving into this role, her company is providing little formal leadership training or mentorship, and she is having to navigate the complexities of leadership on her own. Though she is technically competent, she struggles with communication, decision-making, providing clear expectations and managing team dynamics. This is killing the excitement around her promotion.

She is under pressure to deliver results, sometimes leading to a lack of empathy, micromanagement, and an inability to manage her emotions and understand the emotions of her team members. As a result, her relationship with her colleagues is strained, and team morale and productivity are at an all-time low.

Two things have happened -

  1. Samantha is experiencing imposter syndrome and doesn’t feel adequate as a leader. This self-doubt affects her confidence, causing her to hesitate in taking action and delegating responsibilities.

  2. Samantha’s team members are also now unsure about her as the lead.

Samantha realises that she needs help fast. She needs to be a more competent leader and get her team to become more productive, happy, and engaged. But how?

Here is how Samantha uses OnCulture to better lead her team.

OnCulture has a repository of resources and tools for new and existing Team Leaders and Managers to become successful and build high-performing teams. These resources include templates, checklists, videos, articles and exercises to help Team Leads like Samantha:

  • Embrace first-time leadership positions.

  • Track and quickly address disengagement and low-performance levels.

  • Lead effectively and manage their teams.

Want to be like Samantha? Join the waitlist for OnCulture today -


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