We are changing the culture of work

  • You are having problems hiring the right people.

  • Your team is unsure about your company's culture or purpose.

  • You need to improve working conditions. 

  • You have a hard time incorporating policy.

  • You are struggling to assess performance. 

  • You need to structure your company.


Startup founders and CEOs are faced with many challenges from the time they launch; from funding to having a unique product or service, and to having an eager and existing market, amongst others.

Having the right people on the team can: 

  • Help mitigate these challenges

  • Help companies gain traction quicker

  • Recruitment + Selection

  • Onboarding + Orientation Facilitation

  • Vertebrae - Policies, Processes, Company Structure, Company Design

  • Mission and Value Realignment + Culture Co-Defining

  • Performance Management (OKRs) facilitation and feedback

  • Compensation and Benefits Management

  • Learning and Development

  • Offboarding and Exit

  • Plus many more bespoke solutions


1. We understand startups, having worked with 53 startups and small businesses. 

2. We understand technology and leverage it as a tool to simplify people processes.​

3. We understand and are passionate about people - finding people, empowering people and locking them in.


The People Practice helps startups scale, and accelerate impact by providing bespoke people-centred solutions.



The People Practice helps people access employment opportunities by exposing them to relevant knowledge and practical skills.


We’re very open to being involved in a good story.

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