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How Transparent Is Your Workplace?

A reminder to share this with your Team Lead. But note you are also responsible for influencing your workplace’s culture.

You know what compliments a collaborative culture? Transparency!

A transparent culture is built where there is honest and open communication with stakeholders about everything work related. Honest and open communication can be in the following forms:

  • News, information and best practices are freely shared to benefit the organisation and its people.

  • Leadership team shares information about the company’s performance and future plans with the team.

  • Expectations are shared between managers and employees.

  • Learnings and mistakes are openly shared within teams

  • Open and honest feedback is given and received by colleagues and team members.

So, how do you create a transparent work culture? Here are some tips:

As a Team Lead/Manager:

  • Provide collaborative tools for your team members. Remember our previous newsletter discussed using collaborative tools to foster collaboration. These tools can also promote transparency as they allow for the free flow of information between teams.

  • Provide regular and honest feedback. This includes you too. Stay open to receiving honest feedback from your team members.

  • Encourage constant communication within the team. Communicate both the good and bad news, and share project results and plans. This ensures everyone is on the same page and prevents misunderstandings.

As an employee/team member:

  • Ask for feedback from your colleague and team lead. Also, provide feedback to your colleagues. One-on-One sessions are good for this.

  • Be conscious of how you respond to constructive feedback. The best ways are to have action plans from the feedback.

This way, the company not only builds a transparent culture but also a feedback-rich culture where employees can provide and receive feedback without getting offended. Open communication also allows for creativity as employees share ideas and new approaches that help with work.

The main goal is to build trust with your team members.

Being honest and authentic helps build that trust, which is crucial for transparency. The company thrives as people share ideas and feedback.

It’s a win-win-win!


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