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OnCulture vs Workplace Misconduct

OnCulture vs Workplace Misconduct

We focus on a major problem at work - Workplace Misconduct - and how OnCulture solves it. This includes sexual harassment and non-sexual harassment. To explain, let’s look at Power Inc.

Michelle, the HR Manager at Power Inc, a seed-funded company, has recently received reports of sexual harassment allegations from employees, raising concerns about the company’s culture and policies. One incident involved a female employee in the Product Team who reported persistent and unwelcome advances from her team lead. In addition to inappropriate comments, suggestive gestures and unwanted physical contact, her team lead belittles her opinions, undermines her work, and shuts her down whenever she tries to speak at meetings. She eventually reported to Michelle. Michelle knows that if this isn’t addressed quickly and appropriately, it can lead to legal and financial consequences for the company and affect further fundraising rounds. She wants to create a safe and respectful workplace for everyone but is unsure how to handle the situation effectively. How can she prevent these incidents from reoccurring?

Here is how Michelle uses OnCulture to prevent future situations 😎

With the “Preventing Harassment at Work” courses on OnCulture, Michelle ensures that employees are aware and educated on sexual and non-sexual misconduct. Using quizzes and illustrations, real-life scenarios and scoring methods, employees learn appropriate behaviours consistent with Power Inc’s values.

The company also uses OnCulture’s leadership and engagement templates to reinforce the behaviours and leverages its Feedback Hub for suggestions and concerns, ultimately creating a safe, healthy and productive workplace, and minimising future workplace misconduct.

With OnCulture, Michelle is happy, the employees are more productive and satisfied, and Power Inc is on its way to raising funds without legal and reputational damage. Win-Win-Win!

Be like Michelle and Power Inc.

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